So for 2015, I wanted to focus on authenticity. Authentic to ourselves, authentic to our characters. We are going to get down to the nitty, gritty, truth of it all and be better us’s, uses, us-s. And maybe learn some grammar.


Jan 2015: Be Excellent to yourself


Feb 2015: S’more truth about sex, please


March 2015: How do I do it: Equal parts passion, truth, love and coffee


April 2015: The Messy Art of Life


May 2015: Its hard to type on an emotional roller coaster


June 2015: Apology letter to my muse


July 2015: Alone is not Lonely


Sept 2015: Ode to my new idol


Oct 2015: A writer’s worst fear

Below is a series of blog posts I wrote over at Supernatural Underground that explore how to Be More Heroic. Getting over fears and making the choices, the ones that really matter, to me and to other people, in our stories and in our every day lives.The entire series taught me a lot about being heroic in your every day life as well as just helped me solidify my belief in Vogler’s The Hero’s Journey as a good map for any story.


January 2014: A time for everything and everything in its time


Feb 2014: Opening lines and promises they make

Call to Adventure


March 2014: “But I don’t wanna,” said Every Hero Ever.

Refusing the Call


April 2014: Inspire the heros a Mentor must

Meeting the mentor


May 2014: I’ll have what she’s having: The Art of YES

Crossing the Threshold


June 2014: Just a small town girl, learning in this lonely world

Tests, Allies and Enemies


July 2014: Approaching the Inmost Cave


Sept 2014: Holy Smoke- The Ordeal

The Ordeal in the Inmost Cave


Oct 2014: The M&M at the end of this sentence

The Reward


Nov 2014: The Difference between surviving and living

The Road Back


Dec 2014: Martyrs and Mistletoe

The Resurrection