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My life so far

So first things first.

There will be a MASSIVE give-away for the big release  with thewinner announed on the Supernatrual Undergraound post on Sept 3rd. So Stay tuned.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, I can talk about the weirdest part of my trip to RWA. Yes, I managed to survive five days of romance writers packed into the Anaheim Marriott and we all had an amazing time.  There was much networking, crafting, and general good fun.

However, while perhaps at the bar with some authors who will not be named (but if you ask me, I will totally tell you), we met a group of young men who were fascinated by the fact that we were romance writers. Once they got over their star-struck shyness, one of them asked me, “What does your day as a writer look

I’m pretty sure he thought I’d say, “I wake up in my satin robe and eat chocolates and type until my fingers burn.”

We writers talk a lot about our image as writers. We know that people think of writers as crazy people  with pencils in their hair and drinking their fifth cup of coffee. To dissuade any thoughts of fluffy high-heeled slippers, I was honest with this young man. I  work a 40 work week at a desk job, and then come home and transform into the awesomeness that is Amanda Arista, the author.

Okay, its really not that awesome, but its not all typing away at the computer. And I don’t feel I eat nearly enough chocolate.

This is my life.

I go to work.

I come home and get attacked by my dogs.

On the weekends, I try to do something new, like get in touch with my Italian side
by making wine.

I do make stuff with lots of chocolate, so that might not just be a myth.

I sit  around and drink coffee. So the coffee part is completely true.

Life is how you interpret it. I interpret mine as pretty darn awesome and I wouldn’t
change it for the world.